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Filing for bankruptcy doesn’t mean that you are a failure. Bankruptcy is a right provided to all individuals and business by the U.S. Constitution (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4). The federal Bankruptcy Code is written to protect consumers, but it contains numerous complexities, nuances and specific rules on a range of topics that you should consult an experienced bankruptcy attorney about before filing.

At Ledbetter Law Firm, LLC, we help guide people throughout eastern Missouri to the most appropriate and effective form of debt relief for their unique situations. In some cases, bankruptcy is not the best method of obtaining debt relief for certain individuals. We can guide you along the right path and help to protect your rights through the debt relief process.

Our skilled attorneys have helped thousands of people regain financial stability and properly file for bankruptcy in the Eastern District of Missouri U.S. Bankruptcy Court in St. Louis.

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Bankruptcy Information You Need To Know

Please follow the links below to learn about filing bankruptcy for debt relief in Franklin County, Jefferson County, St. Charles County and the surrounding areas with Ledbetter Law Firm:

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  • Pre-bankruptcy counseling
  • Post-bankruptcy counseling
  • Bankruptcy do’s and don’ts
  • Bankruptcy fees
  • Credit after bankruptcy
  • Bankruptcy alternatives
  • Pro se bankruptcy filing

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