Creditor Harassment

Creditors will not stop harassing you unless you take effective legal action. Harassment isn’t going to get them paid any quicker, but they will continue to harass you and abuse consumer protection laws in hopes that their actions will influence you to let go of your money in a haphazard manner.

You do not have to give into creditor harassment and abuse. Powerful laws in the U.S. protect all consumers from harassment, and our experienced St. Louis creditor harassment lawyers can help you obtain relief effectively.

At Ledbetter Law Firm, LLC, we take aggressive legal action against harassing, abusive and unscrupulous debt collection companies. We can even protect your rights against mortgage companies, large banks and other lenders. You still have rights if you have fallen behind on your mortgage, an auto loan, credit card payments or medical bills. You deserve strong legal protection.

How Can A Lawyer Protect You From Creditor Harassment?

We customize defensive and offensive strategies based on each of our clients’ unique circumstances. Some of our clients have had banks give them misleading information that leads them to become delinquent on their mortgage payments. Others have been victims of predatory lending or debt consolidation scams.

Whatever legal trouble you have run into with a creditor or lender, we can help you. With the “automatic stay” of bankruptcy filing, we force creditors to stop all collection efforts:

  • Stop phone calls and letters
  • Stop threats from creditors and debt collectors
  • Stop threatening emails
  • Stop wage garnishments
  • Stop account levies
  • Stop creditor lawsuits

Bankruptcy can wipe the slate clean. Credit counseling and other options cannot.

If you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can discharge virtually all debts except debts on property you hope to keep. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the best way to save your home from foreclosure and modify loan payments.

Our lawyers can help you properly prepare the bankruptcy filing that best suits your financial needs and obligations. We can help you devise affordable repayment plans for secured debts, and we can ensure that creditor harassment stops completely.

We have helped thousands of families and individuals successfully complete the bankruptcy process in Jefferson County, Franklin County, St. Charles County and many surrounding counties throughout eastern Missouri.

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