Post Bankruptcy Counseling

Post-Bankruptcy Counseling in a Chapter 7 Case

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy client must complete a post-filing counseling course known as a Financial Management Course or Debtor Education course and ensure that the client’s bankruptcy attorney has received the certificate of counseling no later than forty-five days after the client’s original court date for the First Meeting of Creditors, which is alternately known as the 341 Meeting or Trustee Meeting. The course will take approximately two hours to complete. It may be completed right after the Chapter 7 bankruptcy course is filed.

Post-Bankruptcy Counseling in a Chapter 13 Case

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy client may complete the post-bankruptcy counseling course right after the case is filed. The Chapter 13 bankruptcy client, however, may wait until just before finishing the Chapter 13 case to complete the post-filing course.

How the Post-Bankruptcy Counseling May be Completed

The post-filing course may be completed either online via the internet or by telephone. The course must be approved by the U. S. Trustee’s office. There is no difference between the post-bankruptcy course whether the client is completing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy case.