Loan Modification

What Is the Best Way To Modify A Home Loan Or Car Loan?

  • Do you need debt relief from a mounting pile of bills?
  • Do you need escape creditor harassment, threats, levies or lawsuits?
  • Do you need to stop foreclosure?
  • Do you need to stop repossession or liquidation of assets?

Filing for bankruptcy is the quickest, most efficient and most effective option for many people. Other forms of debt relief don’t have the same effect or authority that is backed by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Bankruptcy is a constitutional right that provides federal protections.

Mortgage modification may be the only exception, but don’t depend on your bank or lender to recognize the opportunities or to guide you through the process effectively. Programs introduced by the Obama Administration offer mortgage modification options, but it would be unwise to attempt to understand the complicated system alone. Early preparation and professional legal guidance are essential.

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The Process For Loan Modification

Loan modification on its own may be heavily promoted by so-called debt consolidation or debt settlement agencies. You may have even heard some banks or lawyers advertise the merits of loan modification, but they are usually not telling you the entire story.

The average homeowner experiencing debt and credit problems cannot afford loan modification on its own in most cases, and you probably cannot afford to wait for it to take effect. Even if your loan is modified properly, your other bills won’t change. Credit counseling even comes up short.

You will still have the same debt problems that you started with, and you will have paid a hefty fee to a bank or other agent who convinced you it was a good idea.

So What Is The Best Method To Modify Your Loans?

Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy both provide loan modification options, and filing for bankruptcy will relieve you of unsecured debts while also putting an end to creditor harassment, wage garnishments, account levies, lawsuits, foreclosure, repossessions and other collection actions.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers the opportunity to completely restructure your finances for lasting loan modification that can protect all assets that you can still afford once we have created a three- to five-year repayment plan that frees you of most unsecured debts.

Our bankruptcy attorneys will guide you through the process of negotiating affordable payment plans with your lenders and remaining creditors, and we will ensure your rights are protected to allow you to achieve a fresh financial start.

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