Debt Settlement

At Ledbetter Law Firm, LLC, we don’t offer cookie-cutter debt settlement, debt consolidation or credit counseling services. We understand that every person has a unique financial portfolio and specific debt problems that need to be addressed.

Debt settlement and credit counseling agencies can take years to get rid of debts, leaving you on your own to handle creditor lawsuits, court judgments and harassment in the mean time. On top of that, they will charge exorbitant fees with no guarantee that your debt payments will actually be reduced.

Should You Pursue Debt Settlement Or Credit Counseling?

Our St. Louis-based debt relief and bankruptcy attorneys help hundreds of clients evaluate the pros and cons of debt settlement every year. We have helped thousands of people throughout eastern Missouri successfully obtain the debt relief that provides them the best possible opportunity for a fresh financial start.

What Can Debt Settlement Do For You?

There are no guarantees with debt settlement, but it is possible to:

  • Reduce or eliminate credit card debt
  • Reduce or eliminate medical bill debts
  • Reduce or eliminate utility bill debts
  • Reduce or eliminate payday loans and other personal loan debts that are unsecured debts
  • Stop creditor collection efforts

Is There A Better Debt Relief Solution?

Yes, filing for bankruptcy under either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 guarantees elimination of most unsecured debts, including credit card debt, utility bill debt, medical bill debt and personal loan debt.

Other benefits of filing for bankruptcy protection:

  • Certain tax debt is dischargeable or negotiable
  • Certain divorce-related debt (e.g., delinquent child support or spousal support debt) may be dischargeable
  • Certain student loan debt is negotiable
  • Creditor collection efforts and harassment stop entirely:
    • Wage garnishment stops
    • Account levies stop
    • Repossession is prevented or stopped
    • Lawsuits are canceled
  • Foreclosure stops or is prevented
  • Loans can be modified
  • Effective asset protections are put in place
  • Credit score begins to improve immediately after bankruptcy is filed

Bankruptcy is the only truly 100 percent effective debt negotiation. It is critical that you discuss all of these matters with an experienced and knowledgeable Missouri bankruptcy attorney.

Our law firm can help you today if you live in St. Louis, Jefferson County, Franklin County, St. Charles County, Washington County or another surrounding county.

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