Chapter 7

If you are looking for a simple, efficient and effective route out from under heavy debt loads, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an excellent option. It is the most common form of bankruptcy. Federal bankruptcy protection is invoked immediately when you file for bankruptcy. The “automatic stay” of bankruptcy protects your property, accounts and consumer rights from creditors and creditor harassment during the bankruptcy period.

At Ledbetter Law Firm, LLC, our experienced and dedicated Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys can enforce your rights and ensure creditor harassment, lawsuits and other collection actions come to a screeching halt. We can protect your car from repossession and your home from foreclosure. Our personal guidance through the bankruptcy process is customized to your specific legal and financial needs. We help our clients navigate and exit bankruptcy on solid footing.

We serve people in St. Louis, Missouri, and many surrounding areas, including Jefferson County, Franklin County, and St. Charles County. Some clients come from more than 100 miles away for our services.

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Why Do I Need A Lawyer When Filing For Bankruptcy?

There is no maximum or minimum debt amount to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, there is a means test involving median-income levels based on household size, financial obligations and other factors. Determining your eligibility for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a complicated process, and it is one of the most important reasons to involve a knowledgeable lawyer in the process.

Additionally, not all assets are fully protected under Chapter 7, which is also known as “liquidation bankruptcy.” It is critical that you work with a lawyer to ensure that your assets are protected through any type of debt relief.

Why Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

  • You can eliminate/discharge almost all debt — credit card debt, medical debt, utility payment debt, personal loan and payday loan debt, gambling debt, deficiency judgments and other unsecured debt not tied to property.
  • The automatic stay provides a stop to foreclosure, garnishments, levies, lawsuits and all other collection actions.
  • Paying off secured debts becomes much more manageable once unsecured debts are canceled. You can catch up on mortgage payments, auto loan payments, student loan payments and other debts tied to property.
  • State and federal tax relief of some tax debts that are more than three years old is possible through collaboration with an attorney.

Our clients filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy need not come to our office or the St. Louis bankruptcy court on more than two occasions in most cases — once to meet with the bankruptcy trustee and usually not more than one court appearance, if any.

Our firm will handle all legal aspects of your case, including almost all court hearings without a need for your attendance.

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