Bankruptcy Procedure

How to Avoid Accusations of Bankruptcy Fraud

Bankruptcy fraud is a serious criminal charge. It will prevent you from receiving your bankruptcy discharge, and you could end up paying massive fines, or going to jail. Often, people take certain actions during bankruptcy that seem quite innocent to them, but which are presumed to be fraudulent actions when the courts find out about…

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What Is Exempt Property in a St. Louis Bankruptcy?

When you file for St. Louis bankruptcy, you are quickly introduced to a new set of processes and court procedures. Your bankruptcy lawyer helps you understand the initial steps of a St. Louis bankruptcy and anticipate the upcoming requirements and eventual outcome. In tandem with the procedure of bankruptcy, you will also encounter certain legal…

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5 Questions You Need to Ask Your Bankruptcy Attorney

Are you considering bankruptcy, but not certain where to begin? The first step for many people with financial difficulty is calling a bankruptcy attorney. A bankruptcy attorney in St. Louis can help you understand the bankruptcy process and know if you are a good candidate for federal bankruptcy. But when you pick up the phone…

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